Meet Diane, Coach

Photo of Diane ReardonI am an artist and a creativity coach. I specialize in helping visual artists break through to their next creative level. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience as a psychologist I help people overcome obstacles to change. I inspire artists, from beginners to professionals, to clarify their goals and move toward them.

As a working artist in mixed media art (see About Diane, Artist), I bring a practical understanding to creativity coaching. I know the territory of juggling art-making with other life responsibilities. I believe it is up to the artist to find ways to deepen trust in one’s inner sources of creativity. This is often difficult in the face of cultural pressures to tune outward to the needs of other people, the moods of the market, and the latest “in” technique.


Following a lifelong love of fiber arts, I completed a City and Guilds Design Certificate Program with Gail Harker (9/97 to 12/99). I am personally familiar with midlife changes, multiple “jobs,” and refocusing on art and craft later in life. Since 1999, I have been creating and learning with a passion. I am familiar with finishing and not finishing work, getting my work seen and not seen, and the risks and joys of the path from creative spark to having one’s work out in the world. You can have a look at my art work.

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As a psychologist, I bring a background in research, and in individual and group psychotherapy. I earned my Ph. D. at Claremont Graduate School and spent 10 years in clinical research on the faculty at UCLA. I then worked with adults to make changes in their lives until my retirement from psychotherapy practice on Whidbey Island, Washington, in 2003.

As a creativity coach, I offer:
• sensitivity to the inner sources of creativity
• a professional background in people-helping skills
• experience helping each client manage inner and outer critics and inner
  and outer distractions
• a solid grounding in the importance of confidentiality when supporting
• up-to-date psychological research on creativity, positive psychology,
  and peak performance
• assessment tools to identify individual artist’s values, strengths, and
  working styles
• knowledge of the latest psychology research that supports artists in their
  creative work, and
• skills and passion for translating the forward-looking findings from the new
  field of positive psychology to those living creative lives.

I completed post-graduate training with the College of Executive Coaching for certification as a Master Personal and Executive Coach (MPEC) in 2004. This is a 17-month, in-depth coach training program that requires demonstration of coaching skills in an in-person certification process. I maintain my life membership in the American Psychological Association.

I am a member and faculty for the Creativity Coaching Association, the premier certification program for creativity coaches. I taught their core course, “Building the Coaching Relationship,” from 2005 to 2010, and serve as both supervisor and consultant to coaches in training. I subscribe to the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation.

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I am open to many areas of your life as they affect accomplishing your goals, including your philosophical or spiritual practices. Coaching helps you make the changes you want to make, using your personal resources which include your own values and beliefs. My goal is to help you develop ways of gaining confidence in your own perceptions and honoring your inner guidance.

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