Creativity Coaching Helps You, the Artist

You may have a specific goal you’d like to accomplish or you may be responding to a subtle urge to approach your art in some new, yet still unclear way. breakTHROUGH Creativity Coaching can help with both focused work and re-focusing your overall vision.

You also may be considering creativity coaching because you want to:
Get Your Art Made
Build Your Body of Work
Strengthen Your Unique Vision

Get Your Art Made
Visual artists have to juggle their creative work with other commitments in their lives. Creativity coaching is especially helpful if you’re clearing the decks to make creativity more central in your life.

If you are … Creativity Coaching can help you …
Just starting out Identify and work from your strengths.
Juggle creative time and your day job.
Maximize and organize your working space.
Re-entering after a break Make the transition from one chapter of your life to the next.
Balance creative work and family life.
Make financial decisions to support your creative work.
Ready for a new approach Become more serious about your work.
Find your own working rhythm.

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Build Your Body of Work
If you’re making work on a pretty regular basis, you may be ready to improve your focus and build your body of work. One of the major obstacles to this stage is managing reactions to the work you’ve already produced, reactions from other folks, but more importantly from within, from those inner critics. Especially as you get ready to move to a new level with your creativity, the weeds of creative blocks and procrastination can appear to crowd out your efforts as a consistent working artist.

Two of my specialties are helping visual artists:
• transform inner and outer critics to internal guidance
• recognize and build on strengths.
If you are … Creativity Coaching can help you …
Having creative anxiety Take on a project beyond your comfort zone.
Learn to use deadlines to build positive momentum.
Refine long-term goals into bite-size chunks.
Stalled out Outwit your procrastination patterns.
Use distractions to build support systems.
Learn to use boredom as a signal.
Overwhelmed with too many ideas and directions Develop routines for balancing focus and exploration.
Use your long-term goals to guide your workshop and class choices.
Recognize and nurture beginning breakthroughs.
Rapidly identify and shelve non-productive directions.

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Strengthen Your Unique Vision
Once you’ve been building your body of work, the creative process certainly doesn’t stand still.

If you are … Creativity Coaching can help you …
Wanting a new audience or market for your work Re-assess and build on your strengths.
Commit to a stretch goal in a new market.
Wanting to work more deeply from your sources of inspiration Fan unexpected sparks of inspiration into flames.
Deepen your sources of creativity.
Recognize new sources of creativity.
Ready for a major shift in your artistic identity Find a fresh sense of your unique artistic vision.
Create new art spaces and timeframes within your life.

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