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Jump Start January and Startup September
These two groups offer a chance to experience Creativity Coaching that’s focused on your personal goals, made available at group rates.

Here’s the format:
The nine sessions are the first three weeks of the month for three months. We (4 to 8 folks and myself) meet by phone teleconference every other session. You set your own agenda for the alternate sessions and get individualized email feedback on your progress. Each teleconference call will build on creative combinations of the previous week’s work by the whole group.
Nine-week formats, January and September

The cost to each participant is $315, payable in three monthly payments. Email me for more details or to sign up now for one of the spaces.

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Special Topic Groups
Clear the Deck: Making Time for Making Art and
Deepening the Source
You may belong to a small group of artists interested in a series of group sessions focused on a particular theme. These series of nine group sessions cover a three-month period, with meetings on the first three weeks of the month. Group members call in to a central teleconferencing number at a specified time for the 60-minute sessions.

Ann Paris Quotation

Group fees are $105 a month or $315 for the nine-session series. Fees are payable monthly by credit card or in full by check at signup.

The two topics below are examples. I am open to other focus areas as long as there are four participants. Let me know your suggestions.

Description, Clear the Deck: Making Time for Making Art
This group series provides an organic set of tools for designing your creative time. The three phases will guide you to craft successive versions of your ideal timescape.

  1. Distractions, Hassles, and Energy Leaks
  2. The Stress Sink/Physical Stamina
  3. Inner Distractions
  4. Balancing Artmaking and Life Purpose
  5. Connections
  6. Taking Stock
  7. Daily Routines, Rituals, Flow
  8. Short-Term Cycles: Weeks and Months
  9. The Long View and Vision Review

Description, Deepening the Source
This group nourishes the sources from which your creative juices spring. It is especially good for those who have hit a dry spell or have trouble getting motivated on your own. The series draws on aspects of life experience you may not have considered as supporting your work.

Julia Cameron quote
  1. Natural and Unnatural Worlds
  2. Connecting to Everyday Gods and Goddesses
  3. Moving to Your Own Rhythms
  4. Minute Bodily Feedback
  5. The Stories We Love
  6. Welcoming Our Nighttime Dreams
  7. Earth, Water, and Other Crossover Media
  8. Holding Images
  9. Creating Your Personal Multimedia Journal

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